Tips when using Escorts

You may wish to make use of escort services for events, for recovering from breakups, for sexual pleasure, or any reason which you heart may desire. Escort services don’t come cheap and it is a no brainer that you deserve the best possible experience for the kind of money you’ll be dropping on the service. However, it is possible that you may prevent that from happening with some of your own actions. As we would hate for you to feel like your hard-earned cash has been wasted, here are some tips whenever you use escorts.

Do your research

This does not only apply to escorts but should also be applied in life. If you are going to do anything in life, gather as much facts as is possible. Researching your escort is an important step in maintaining your peace of mind. This process allows you to both verify and understand your escort prior to meeting. You can get an idea of your escort’s offerings, of experiences of other clients and even of your escort’s existence as some listings are fake and have malicious intent. Searching your escort’s image in a search engine and verifying her contact details online are recommended prior to making contact.

Stick to the script

Escorts are usually very clear in their offerings because of the disaster of unrealistic expectations. Some of the offerings may not be very clear as escorts tend to use their own lingo in offering listings. It is recommended that you do research on these terms, and ensure you communicate with the escort and agree on the extent to which you will be taking your activities. Once this is done, do not try to negotiate and convince your escort to do things that were not agreed to and are not offered.

Tip your escort

Tipping is not mandatory; however, it shows an appreciation for the escort and the proficiency of her services. Of course, we don’t expect you to tip someone who did not perform well, but not tipping the ones who do will make them wonder if they did. Also, if you have intentions of doing repeat business, escorts usually decide if they will oblige based on previous experience. Tipping is one way of ensuring that you’re a shoe in for another meeting.

Show respect


Adopt the mindset that you would like to have a mutually pleasant evening with your escort. Once you have done that, treat your escort accordingly. Speak clearly, maintain eye contact, use proper body language, speak respectful, treat the escort as an equal and have genuine fun. Once your escort can ascertain an air of respect for you, he/she will take the duty of pleasing you much more seriously. Remember, escorts are people too. Respecting time is another aspect of this and this can break the date before it even begins leaving you with an experience that is less than the best. Remember escorts’ time is their bread and butter and wasting it by cancelling last minute or being late can deprive the escort of income.

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